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Welcome to BNT's Room!

Quick heads up about the site!
  • About the site in general
    • Mobile friendly! All pages should be usable on devices with smaller screens.
    • This website uses Javascript, so some site features (such as galleries or tabs) will become unusable/broken if it's disabled.
    • While this site has very few animated GIFs (with most of them being in art archives or character galleries), there hasn't been any on-site options to disable it so far.
  • About the site's contents
    • The site is generally SFW, however, some pages will have warnings for its content ahead—some of which can be considered NSFW: so please heed the warning before proceeding with the rest of the page.
    • If you see pitch-black images with a warning text beneath, please click to read the warning text, before deciding to click on the black image.
    • A Pawn's Creations section has its own dedicated Content Warning page that covers anything APC-related.
    • I don't censor cussing in here.
    • If anything mentioned on the site makes you uncomfortable, please close the page and take care of yourself!

However, if there's any concerns about the site, please don't hestiate to shoot a quick message though my About page or the message box at the bottom of the page!!


I’m BNT, a hobbyist artist and a hobbyist writer who does stuff, and this is a place to keep stuff I made; like characters, worlds, stories, stuff like that.

This site is currently used for:

Thank you for visiting the site, I hope you have a good time + day!


  • If you want to see what I've been drawing this month, check out the Art Archive of this month!
  • (NEW!) If you're up for a short little game, check out The Runaway Savior!
  • (NEW!) If you're up for a very short interactive story (no more than 500 words), check out Alone in the Tower!
  • (NEW!) If you want to read a relatively light-hearted conversation log, involving a fantasy duelist job, check out Team Tempest's Tournament Chat and/or Team Nimbus' Tournament Chat!
  • If you're up for short dark fantasy interactive stories, check out Consumed by the Waves or To Burn A God Down! (These are two separate self-contained stories, so feel free to pick whatever catches your attention first.)
  • If you're up for ~5,000 words of fantasy/adventure one-shot story, check out The Dungeon's Sword!
  • If you want to check out a storyline concept I've been developing, check out The Starless Town (It's still in a heavy WIP state, but I'm featuring this in case you guys want to see the progress and idea dump.)!

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