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✴ Sai


A magic prodigy, who escaped the fate of being a weapon with Melos. The one who wields the power of darkness (the void).




A friend he made during his time in the lab, and the one he escaped with. Sai is pretty fond of them (and pretty much keeps them around because they're cool).


A fellow orphan from the same orphanage.


"Roxon made a new friend?"

A new friend. His first impression of her wasn't too good, but they eventually got along.

Infodump / tidbits

  • moonlight magic essence, born with more magic essence than average people. the magic often appears as darkness itself taking on a physical form
    • with the way the magic works and able to be used for attacks, it's more of black hole/void magic?
  • 5'0
  • can cook something decent. at least it's better than melos' cooking skill + he knows a thing or two about cooking.


with other characters

Old Design/Concept


For all the short drabbles/snippets revolving Sai himself (that I don't wanna create whole new pages for it)!

a boy and power of darkness

Sai has always believed he has the Darkness Magic—the power to wield the darkness itself, or so they called. He isn't sure of the exact details about it just yet. Even Melos, his friend, says otherwise about his magic being referred to as the 'Darkness Magic'.

What is it supposed to be, then?

The power of darkness—is what Sai has always been known for. To be cursed with the surplus magic energy overflowing from his body, forming a dense, suffocating aura akin to being swallowed by the darkness around him.

Sai has never understood the underlying mechanics of magic itself, apart from the basics of more magic being equal to more power. And Sai was born with it.

What else is his magic capable of, apart from swallowing his surroundings into pitch black and throwing blasts of condensed magic energy? He hasn't thought about it.

"You know... Your magic does seem more like a mere darkness," Melos comments, as they watch Sai coming back from a magic practice.

Sai rubs the back of his neck, trying to find a way to even reply to that greeting. Then he realizes. "Wait, you were watching me?"


"Oh." Sai looks away, as he realizes what Melos might've seen back then. Moments of Sai struggling, failing, pathetically trying to cast his spells by the command—all return to his mind, leaving him tense at its thought. "Well, uh..."

"Dunno, it seems like that magic blast did something more than just what they called it, y'know? I'm sure I caught a fly disappearing right into your magic, too."

Sai looks at the hands he used for spellcasting. The hands that take hold of the Darkness Magic. "It really doesn't feel like it's that simple..."

"Yeah, but eh, simpletons make simple names for magic. Mine's more of a burning light, akin to the sun—but they'd call it Light Magic nevertheless."

"Haha, yeah..."

Something else, that's not just darkness magic? What is it supposed to be, then?