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Site Update Logs

A place to log the site update messages!

2024 June


alright after sleeping at messed up time and waking up, i finally found a quick way to fix the gallery modal issue!!! (it's kind of a band-aid solution that looks messy in the source code rn but hey, it works!)


Revamped the site layout + slight aesthetic adjustments!!! The pages are now wide and BIG on bigger screens for all my yapping needs. Yay.

however, i can't really fix "clicking to view an image and it'll scroll all the way at the top of the page"??? i'm kinda at my wit's end rn, and this site revamp is basically hours' worth of hyperfixation. i should go sleep.


Revamped APC's story list appearance!! It now displays blurb + story type. You can view it here!

Also, I haven't made a page for it yet, but I've finished an interactive short story! Alone in the Tower, a story about an immortal prisoner locked away in a tower, who finally has a motivation to escape. The options are either "keep trying to escape" or "give up and stay inside the tower".

Hmm. That aside, is Neocities acting weird in the last few days??? I've been kinda hestiant bc the thing I used to upload my site files suddenly stopped uploading my files a few days ago. Weird.

Anyways, I've been feeling mermaid-y mood recently. Been wanting to draw more of them recently... Maybe I'll write about them too, who knows?


Aside from minor adjustments, 2024 June Art Archive is now available! Monthly art archive pages also come with links to help navigate through previous/next archives pretty easily.

Previous Updates

2024 May


  • revamped APC's world and character list!!!



Right after coming back from this trip, I immediately tried to add tabs to my site. I've tried adding it in about page and this month's art archive.

This is gonna be pretty handy for more information-dense character pages (like A's or Cairn's page. actually now that i think about it, starless town's story page can use anything to help with navigating around too)

"wait can't you just make table of content" it's kind of a pain in the ass to create, especially when i write most info-dumping pages in markdown. i haven't figured out how to use 11ty plugins to help with this and i'm too stubborn to ask for help (IMO)

notes to myself for future updates: add toyhouse links to some of my character pages


Made an art archive for 2024 May to gradually add art I make this month, without having to spend a few hours at the end of the month compiling everything together lol

2024 April


Another end to another month, another monthly art archive...



Another (relatively minor) site aesthetic update! I can finally get the look where the navigation bar is separated from the main content...

At last, the mobile users can see the site's background now!!! If I were to update my site aesthetic again, I might do something with the navigation bars in for APC pages...


After fiddling around with relatively minor updates (adding new characters, adding character images, updating Starless Town's story summary, etc.), finally, something I can write about here.

I've created pages dedicated to my characters' snippets, and they're both formatted as "a collection of bnt writing fanfics for this ship" pages. So yeah, more writing stuff!

I can't really control what pages to read in order, but I heavily recommend to at least read the featured characters' pages (linked in the snippets pages) just to y'know, get more character context. Unless you're those type of people who would go on AO3, pick a fic from fandom you don't know about, and just start reading.

Anyways, random life update, apart from "uni is kinda beating my ass but i'm still kicking": I've started buying and collecting beyblades (X) to play.


I'm gonna just update whenever I add a significant amount of updates to certain pages then (this also means I wouldn't be announcing new character with bare-basics page here, unless I feel like it)


  • added drabbles and such into From the Nothingness! some stories/interactions between the gods to chew on
    • god of time's page also has a new section for drabbles
    • just infodumped about these guys and posted snippets from my files. then i realized i could just post those snippets to my site too.
2024 March





  • adjusted website's aesthetic in general (new background, new header, tweaks to nav) so it reflects my current taste more :D
  • new pages for these guys since i've drawn them this month:



2024 February



  • in gallery pages (like art archive, or APC character profiles), you can click on an image gallery and it'll create a popup previewing the image!!!
  • separated godhood page from pantheon realm page (and edited some metaphors for stuff within pantheon realm ;) )


2024 January


we balling
  • January art archive is out!
  • decided to make separate pages for Starless Town's gallery and story, also I've written some dialogue snippets in the character relationship section!
  • added emojis to APC's story titles, because I've been using emojis in file names in my personal OC storage for easier navigation (kinda speeds up the time my brain takes to process the file name? plus it kinda looks cute too)


Second semester of the first year!!! I'm getting pessimistic but I'm gonna stay balling this year!!!


If you notice I'm suddenly opening commissions + let people tip in my Ko-fi, don't worry about me too much. I'm still doing pretty okay, and the second semester just started, so yeah, gonna be busier in either "I'm inactive on social media in general" way or "to cope with life, i start drawing 3 days in a row with the energy of a madman" way.

now I wonder if Adderall could help me <- undiagnosed neurodivergent


whoops i didnt update the site much

  • sometime during this holiday break, I've written The Dungeon's Sword! it sure feels pretty nice to finish a little short story
  • added featured pages in the main page. it's mainly to showcase stuff I'm proud about at the time lol
  • 2023 December Art Archive is out!!!
  • updated the page for The Starless Land! more main story continuation, ramblings about cairn's and nydia's shared headspace, and a few more stuff
2023 December


The first semester is over! Now I'm back trying to ignite my creative motivation!

  • updated the page for The Starless Land! a new character is revealed, and so, this means more stories/details to add in that page!


The first semester of university is gonna be over soon, yay!

2023 November


University life is still beating my ass but I stay silly :3

I'm going to be honest. I think I'll update more during December.

  • updated the page for The Starless Land! now with more story + images + page slightly cleaned up
  • added heavily unfinished pages for Melos and Sai! i haven't written much about them but hoo boy I drew them a lot, so they get a page here


Ah, well. Honestly this update is pretty much "i'm gonna be rambling about starless town during idle time instead of working on writing the presentable interactive story".

Now that I've lessened the pressure from the Starless Town... I'm actually thinking about updating this site more often, but university life may say otherwise to those plans...

2023 October


Huh. It sure felt busier this month...

  • removed the message box at the bottom of the page. until i figure out a better way to add a method to send messages...
  • added some stuff to Pantheon Realm page, including more tidbits about god
  • added a page for Sacred Earth's Humanoid Hybrids! i've been playing with the idea of them for a while, so i might as well share them here
  • updated the page for Valei-Deswyn!
  • To Burn A God Down is now released!!!
  • 2023 October Art Archive is now done!!!
2023 September



Last Updated: 01/09/2023

How is it September already...
  • revamped upcoming wizard game's concept!
  • written a few more stuff in A's page! i'm actually pretty glad to see A being voted the most in the last poll, since they're one of my faves in APC :D
  • added a new poll!
2023 August

Last Updated: 31/08/2023

Trying to adjust to things and all in life, nothing much.

Last Updated: 26/08/2023

University has just started sometime ago, and it sure made me somewhat busier/more tired. Anyways, I've updated the site!

Last Updated: 11/08/2023

Last Updated: 08/08/2023

  • added two stories page, so I can quickly link them if I referenced certain characters/stories in other places :p
  • added more characters in A Pawn's Creations!

Last Updated: 01/08/2023

  • moved all the characters from my old site to A Pawn's Creations section! some of the content would need a heavy rewrite, so from now on, updates to APC would be something newly written rather than bringing stuff over from my old site!
  • if you don't know where to check first from this update, the pages for Sacred Earth/Land of Equinox/Fragile Dreamscape are all up, with a few characters from there. i'll be adding actual worldbuilding stuff (and more characters) for these places sometime!
2023 July

Last Updated: 31/07/2023

  • adjusted the gallery in art archive (and in character profiles with gallery), so you can now click on the image thumbnail to preview the full image!
  • and this means 2023 july's art archive is out!! so far, it's the only art archive where each image has their individual captions :p
  • added APC's content warning list and Gods of Psyche page to APC! the only gods left to migrate are the possibilities gods, and then I can finally start with newer APC stuff...

Last Updated: 27/07/2023

  • finished writing Consumed by Waves!!! now that this small project is done, i'll focus on either migrating old wordpress stuff to this website, or start working on this little wizard story sometime...
  • added Gods of Nature and Gods of Mortality in A Pawn's Creation section! some of the gods' profiles haven't been really fleshed out yet, but there's some brief onfo on them :p
  • from now, I plan to migrate more APC stuff from my other site. once that's done, I can keep adding newer story stuff!

Last Updated: 26/07/2023

  • added timeline reference to A Pawn's Creations! once I add more characters, the timeline will have more use.
  • some A Pawn's Creations pages were added, including Pantheon Realm's page, and the first three gods!!!

Last Updated: 24/07/2023

  • added A Pawn's Creations section!!! I want the entire APC section to be pretty special from the rest of the site, so yeah. i'll add profiles/stories I've made later
  • added a fanfic in the writing archive
  • migrated Lost Things to this site's writing archive!!!

Last Updated: 21/07/2023

  • added this little chatbox at my website's footer!!! also a few more pages :3
  • I've finished migrating Story Simulation (written back in 2021-2022)... reading through my old writings feels pretty embarrassing, but damn, they're worthy to be treasured
  • oh yeah, while i'm migrating stuff to neocities, i'm also working on this mermaid-themed interactive story, hopefully to be released by the end of this month!
    • it's about this fisherman who has to go fetch a mermaid meat to cure their parent's sickness. (fantasy illness requiring fantasy solutions sorta situation)
    • i've talked about this story a few times on my tumblr blog before. here's me briefly talking about the story+protag and here

Last Updated: 20/07/2023

  • oh hey this looks somewhat more presentable™️ (or rather, more to my liking) now. yippee!!!
  • hopefully I can archive ADIM (Average Day in Magius) sometime. right now I'm pretty much migrating stuff from my wordpress site orz